Oro, Inc. offers a suite of open source commerce applications: OroPlatform, OroCRM and, OroCommerce. OroCRM is a solution for multichannel companies, and OroCommerce, the only eCommerce platform purpose-built for B2B companies, was named by Frost and Sullivan as the No.1 B2B eCommerce product of 2017. Oro’s founders previously founded Magento and have deep experience in the eCommerce industry. They include Yoav Kutner, chief executive officer; Dima Soroka, chief technology officer; and Roy Rubin, director of Oro’s advisory board.

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Manage Multiple Online Experiences from a Single Platform

Whether your business grows organically or through mergers and acquisitions, our flexible commerce platform for manufacturers gives you a single point of control for website management. OroCommerce Enterprise Edition comes out-of-the-box with flexible and robust multi-website management capabilities allowing businesses to easily control websites for different regions, brands, or customers from a central admin console.

Automate Your Business with a Self Service Website

Today’s buyers want to research, shop, and order on their own terms, on their own time, and with any device. They want self-service eCommerce. But for B2B businesses, it’s not as simple as selecting any ecommerce solution, plugging it into your website, and offering your product catalog online. 

Understanding that no two businesses are alike, OroCommerce is built to be the most flexible eCommerce solution built with B2B companies in mind. The platform offers numerous buyer self-service capabilities like: 

    • automating product re-stocks, 
    • managing past orders & invoice statuses,
    • supporting online request for quotes, and more.

Connect into eProcurement Platforms and Automate your Business

Your large customers or heavily-regulated buyers may purchase goods through eProcurement platforms, like SAP Ariba, Coupa, and Oracle PeopleSoft, which typically streamline punchout catalogs, simplify buying processes, and synchronize accounting/invoice payments. Our flexible B2B eCommerce platform for distributors has been developed to connect into any eProcurement platform and support all EDI and punchout capabilities.


Go Direct-to-Customer Without Disrupting Your Sales Channels

Selling direct to customer offers numerous benefits for manufacturers including higher margins, better brand visibility, and access to invaluable customer data. However, it is necessary to ensure that their B2C initiatives do not harm their existing distribution channels.

OroCommerce provides flexible eCommerce workflows that can support any manufacturer-distributor relationship. Our flexible eCommerce platform can: take orders through your B2B eCommerce website and then designate which distributors should fulfill those orders based on distributor performance, geography, or a round-robin approach; build eCommerce websites on behalf of your distributors where you can drop-ship products on their behalf; create special websites that sell your products at a premium while maintaining pricing discounts for your distributors. Whatever the use case, OroCommerce offers the best eCommerce platform for manufacturers.

Ultimate Guide to eCommerce Replatforming

This guide covers all the stages of the ecommerce replatforming process: starting from identifying replatforming whether is necessary to the actual plan of action for your migration and post-migration stages.


We considered many of the most popular eCommerce platforms and OroCommerce was the only solution we found with true B2B functionality, with no patches required, and CRM included in the price. With Oro any customizations requested were possible, anything we asked for, Oro said - "yes, we can do that." We weren’t going to get that level of flexibility with anyone else in the market.

Joe Meinholz - Marketing Manager, PBE Jobbers Warehouse Inc.

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