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Magento Commerce’s B2B popularity can be attributed to its expansive feature set, customisability, and the option to be used in tandem with existing B2C sales operations. It is available as either a cloud hosted service or can be installed on your own servers under an on-premise license. The major benefits of the platform are its flexibility and rich feature set right out of the box.

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Build loyalty with fast, friction-free purchasing

  • Quickly create orders by entering multiple SKUs or uploading a CSV file with SKUs
  • Create requisition lists of frequently-purchased products to speed up restocking
  • Re-order previous orders with just a few clicks

Quickly respond to quote requests online

  • Assign a sales rep to the account and quote
  • Set quote expiration dates
  • Make additional product suggestions or substitutions
  • Calculate discounts and negotiate product and shipping prices

Empower your sales team with assisted selling

  • Place orders on behalf of customers
  • Editing or troubleshooting existing orders
  • Making intelligent product recommendations based on insights available right from the ordering screen

Extend credit to increase sales and loyalty

  • Set the credit limit for each account, and determine if the company can ever exceed their credit limit
  • View credit transactions for the account and see the account’s credit limit, balance, and available credit
  • Easily integrate with existing systems supporting customer credit using Magento APIs

Customize catalogs and price lists

  • Create separate catalogs and price lists for individual companies or groups of companies. ​
  • Choose which product categories and specific products you wish to include, and set fixed or dynamic pricing
  • Dictate which products and categories appear in search results and navigation, which products can be purchased, and the pricing they see.​

Reduce Costly Ordering Errors

  • All SKUs entered are automatically validated to ensure the product exists, is included in the customers assigned catalog, and is available in inventory 
  • Companies can be assigned custom catalogs and price lists so that they are only able to purchase approved products at approved prices
  • With self-service ordering, you also don’t run into errors that can happen when team members manually enter orders received via phone, fax, or visits to the field

Empower customers with easy self-service tools

  • Setup corporate accounts with multiple buyers in varying organisational structures
  • Once buyers are added to an account, the company administrator can assign specific roles and permissions to each one
  • Buyers can also track payments made on account and can manage their available credit
  • Buyers can track open orders and quotes and see their full order history across all buyers in the organisation.


Magento Marketplace

Further features can be accessed via the Magento Marketplace, where users can find apps to further extend their store’s capabilities. These apps significantly reduce merchants’ development timeframes, which results in a lower total cost of ownership and faster time to value. Magento’s large user community also means there is extensive product knowledge, developer documentation, and online forums readily available that merchants can leverage to solve issues or grow their knowledge base.

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