DataTools, an innovative Australian software solutions company who have been providing world leading data quality software to Australian organisations for more than two decades.

Company Snapshot​


Privately Held

Number of Employees

10 – 50

Year Founded



02 9687 4666


Capture addresses faster with less effort

DataTools’ capture technology increases efficiency by streamlining address entry, whether it’s online during checkout, at POS or within a CRM. This technology also ensures that accurate data is submitted at the front-end thus minimising downstream issues. Improve not only the quality of the address data captured but also the user experience by shortening data-entry time.

Format, clean, repair and verify addresses automatically, with 100% accuracy, and no ambiguitie

DataTools’ advanced “Human Touch” logic enables batches of existing address data to be cleansed in real-time. The Human Touch™ logic will take the full address and intelligently make sense of information in the same intuitive way a human would.

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